Join our comprehensive tango roots gathering

Get started with the basic steps to dance Tango Canyengue.
Learn why Canyengue will be the perfect foundation for your tango dance.
Get to the next level mastering rhythm, musicality and connections.

Weekend Canyengue




13.30 – 14-15 Canyengue warm up
14.30 – 15.45 Workshop 1
16.00 – 17.15 Workshop 2
17.30 – 18.30 Assisted Practica



13.30 – 14-00  Assisted Practica
14.00 – 15.15 Workshop 3
15.15 – 16.15 Vitamins Canyengue Break
16.15 – 17.30 Workshop 4
17.30 – 18.00 Back to the future of Canyengue

This weekend includes:

Organic workshops
Guided Practica

We’ll be focusing on:

Closed abrazo
Dynamics and play

Come to discover this tango full of joy!

Each TCW is unique, each TCW is an opportunity to further enrich your
Tango life.

This weekend includes 8 hours of learning plus Guided Practica.

Including: closed abrazo, connection, rhythm,
dynamics, play and warm atmosphere
Come to discover this style of tango full of joy!

Ladies who take the leader role welcome!

Registration by email: roxinatango[at]

Movimiento Cultural Canyengue

Weekend Canyengue
Weekend Canyengue

In this weekend, you’ll experience: 

——–  1  ——– 

Deep Dive – Original steps

Our teaching involves tradition and evolution.

You will learn step patterns full of history and
develop awareness of the movement and connection

with the ground, as well as with your partner.

You will surf on the exquisitely orchestrated tango music of the 1925-1939 era,
filling you with the rhythm and soul of the source of tango.

——–  2  ——– 

Technical Secrets – Lightness & Playfulness

Discover and enjoy the lightness and playfulness
that is unique to Tango Canyengue.

Surprise yourself, your dance partners
and bring out complicity smiles along the way. 

——–  3  ——– 

Discover – The mysterious Canyengue embrace

The Tango Canyengue embrace as tought by MOCCA symbolises
« being together in 
cadence ».

An expression of feeling through dance translated
into gentleness, sensuality and 


Weekend Canyengue
Weekend Canyengue


In the Tango Canyengue Weekend, you’ll be part of MOCCA, the international canyengue movement.

MOCCA provides a comprehensive, modern pedagogy enriched by the teachings of: 

Classic tangueros of the style: Martha Anton, Gallego Manolo, Rodolfo Cieri, Luis Grondona, Belsito, Osvaldo y Coca Cartery, Jose y Coca.

As well as contemporary tangueros including Adrian Griffero, Laura Collavini, Marcelo Alvarez, Gustavo Negrotto, and Roxina Villegas.

Our tradition is enhanced by the natural evolution inherent to a Tango Style that is alive and that reveals its secrets gradually.

Learning with us will give you the pleasure and tools to dance the Tango in Canyengue style all over the world.

Roxina Villegas and Francesco Pugliese

Reach us!

We love curious dancers who always want to learn more.
Feel free to reach us if you have any questions.
We’ll be glad to give you more details.

A personal invitation from Roxina…

I want to invite you to our Tango Canyengue Weekend.

You will discover the Mocca style with its most beautiful, caring, and soulful tango embrace.

I was captivated by its rhythm, sensuality and music from my first class with Marta & Manolo.

I had the privilege to learn, dance and teach this ancestral style of tango for years. Now I want to transmit and share it with you, tanguero or tanguera, whatever level of experience you have. So you can feel it and take it with you to enjoy it all over the word.

What if you give it a try and meet us in Europe?