School of tango roots

If you want to dive into the tango canyengue experience,
MOCCA School proposes you a unique approach of
dancing with fluid, organic movements.

Tango Canyengue – all about tango

Tango Canyenge

You will discover more colors, emotions, and pleasure in dancing tango. 
You will surf on the exquisitely orchestrated tango music of the 1927-1937 era,
filling you with the rhythm and soul of the source of tango. 



Rhythmic tangos and milongas will never again be a challenge for you.
Why deprive yourself of this experience?


Tango Canyengue – all about tango
Tango Canyengue – all about tango
Tango Canyengue – all about tango


We are happy that our school is growing with Conny and Michael Masser who teach in the south of Austria and will now also transmit the trademark MOCCA soul and skills.

Welcome MOCCA Carinthia to our family – Willkommen MOCCA Kärnten in unserer Tango Canyengue Familie!


Tango Canyengue – all about tango

What is MoCCA?

We lovingly refer to it as “MoCCA” – the full name is Movimiento Cultural Canyengue Argentino. It is the not-for-profit cultural movement of Argentine canyengue, born in 2002 in Buenos Aires.
MoCCA also operates internationally as a dance school, to reach all those interested in experiencing the canyengue style of Argentine tango.


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Tango Canyengue – all about tango


Canyengue in Buenos Aires

Laura Collavini
Gallego Manolo
Marcelo Alvarez

Tango Canyengue – all about tango


Canyengue in Austria

Michael Masser

Francesco Pugliese Roxina Villegas Canyengue Brussels


Canyengue in Brussels

Roxina Villegas
Francesco Pugliese
Riccardo Agnello

Tango Canyengue – all about tango


Canyengue in Brazil

Junior Abreu


  • Qué es el MOCCA

    Es un movimiento cultural cuya misión es la transmisión de la sabiduría  y evolución del tango, especialmente del Tango en estilo Canyengue (música y danza).

    Tango Canyengue MOCCA: es un tango puro y libre, espontáneo, que despierta el juego y dá importancia a los sentidos. Que genera el instante mágico de sorpresa, de divertirse y relajarse, la libertad de crear que te conecta a la vida.

    Te invitamos a experimentar el Tango Canyengue especial del MOCCA.

    Movimiento Cultural Canyengue Argentino.

  • What is the MOCCA

    Is a cultural movement whose mission is the transmission of the art and evolution of tango, especially Tango in Canyengue style (music and dance)

    Tango Canyengue MOCCA: is a pure and free, spontaneous tango that awakens the senses and stimulates playfulness. Experience magic moments of surprise, of having fun and relaxing, and the freedom to create that connects you to life.

    We invite you to experience the special Tango Canyengue of MOCCA.

    Movimiento Cultural Canyengue Argentino.

  • C’est quoi MOCCA

    Est un mouvement culturel dont la mission est la transmission de la sagesse et de l’évolution du tango, en particulier le Tango en style Canyengue (musique et danse).

    Tango Canyengue MOCCA: est un tango pur et libre, spontané qui éveille le jeu et donne de l’importance aux sens. Il génère des moments magiques de surprise, de s’amuser et se détendre, la liberté de créer qui te relie à la vie.

    Nous vous invitons à découvrir le Tango Canyengue spécial du MOCCA.

    Movimiento Cultural Canyengue Argentino


    Ist eine kulturelle Bewegung, deren Mission die Vermittlung der Kunst und Evolution des Tangos ist, besonders des Tango im Canyengue Stil (Musik und Tanz).

    Tango Canyengue MOCCA: ist ein reiner und freier, spontaner Tango, verspielt und sinnlich. Erlebe magische Augenblicke der Überraschung, der Gelassenheit, und die Freiheit des Schaffens, die Dich mit dem Leben verbindet.

    Wir laden Dich ein, MOCCA’s speziellen Tango Canyengue zu erleben.

    Movimiento Cultural Canyengue Argentino

  • Che cos’è il MOCCA

    è un movimento culturale la cui missione è la trasmissione della conoscenza profonda e dell’evoluzione del tango, in particolare il tango in stile Canyengue (musica e danza). Tango Canyengue MOCCA è un tango puro e libero, spontaneo, che risveglia il gioco e dà importanza alle sensazioni. Il canyengue genera momenti magici di sorpresa, divertimento e relax, libertà di creare e sentirsi vivi.

    Vieni a provare speciale il Canyengue con il MOCCA.

    Movimiento Cultural Canyengue Argentino

  • O que é MOCCA

    é um cutural de movimento cuja missão é a transmissão da sabedoria e evolução do tango, especialmente do Tango Canyengue na moda (música e dança).

    Tango Canyengue MOCCA: é um puro e livra, tango espontâneo que ele/ela acorda o jogo e importância de dá aos sensos. Que gera o momento mágico de surpresa, de ter um tempo bom e o relaxar, a liberdade de criar que o conecta à vida.

    Nós o convidamos a experimentar o Tango Canyengue especial do MOCCA.

    Movimiento Cultural Canyengue Argentino